Lace Braid Rose Hairdo For Long Hair

A lacy weaving is an art. This technique allows creating any masterpiece on the head. One of them is rose. This hairdo incarnates tenderness and romance, especially if made of the long-length hair. It can be suitable both for the wedding and for the graduation party. There are several variants of such hairstyles which will become the peculiar feature of your image. 

Lacy Braid with Rose

This is a very beautiful variation. It is arranged very simply:

  1. Comb the hair backward, then take the part of strands, twist them and fasten by the clip.
  2. Remaining part of the hair shall be divided into three equal strands, and a few bindings, like in the common French braid, shall be done.
  3. Separate a thin lock from the left lock. Do the same with the right one. Disconnected parts of the hair shall be placed aside.
  4. Make one more binding and separate a thin strand from the left part. After, the first separated strand shall be joined with the left lock of hair, and the last separated part should be put aside over the top. Repeat the same with the right lock. 
  5. Continue to weave in this way until the end and fix a pigtail with a rubber band. 
  6. During weaving, ringlets are formed from separated strands. Straighten them neatly. 
  7. Now you can proceed to the creation of a flower. Divide the upper part of hair into three locks and weave the usual braid. In the meanwhile, straighten strands on one side. Fix a pigtail by a rubber band and twist it in a ring. Pin the rose by several invisible hairpins.

Rose Based on Braids

It is made in the following way: on the left and right sides, select thin strands one by one. Then, weave two standard thin pigtails of them. Combine them behind in one tail and fix it by a rubber band. 

Remaining parts of pigtails should be loosened and one braid should be made of these strands. During weaving, slightly pull out strands from a braid, thus, creating lace weaving. After, tie the tip of the braid by the rubber band and wrap the tail base counterclockwise the braid. A rose will be created in this way. Hide tip of the weaving under the flower and fasten it by invisible hairpins. 

The lacy rose is magnificent in itself. So, there is no need for any additional accessories. All you need are thin silicone rubber bands, studs, invisible hairpins, and a hairbrush.