Long-hair Styles Will Make You Look Elegant

Long hair is a gift for each woman. It looks beautiful and feminine, as well as gives a wide opportunity for the flight of your imagination. With it, you can braid your hair, set a ponytail or create attractive hairstyles. Having long strands, you can create any image: romantic, stylish and elegant. If you want to look classy at work, on a date or ceremonial event, classy hairstyles will be a good choice. On the site, you can find some pictures of elegant hairstyles.


Volume bouffant on the top of the head in the form of a hemisphere has gained huge popularity thanks to the film “Babette goes to war”. Here, one of the most beautiful actresses of French cinema had a very unusual and voluminous hairstyle. After watching this film, a lot of women tried to style their hair in the same way. Soon, this hairstyle became a trend in the fashion world. This hairdo is easy to set:
  1. Washed and dried hair should be combed and divided into upper and lower parts. You can do it by dint of comb with a thin tip, in the area of the upper part of the ear, divide hair horizontally.
  2. Spray your hair with lacquer. Then, make bouffant with the upper part of the hair, moving from below to the top by a thin comb with flat teeth.
  3. Backcombed hair should be rolled and fixed by a hairpin.
  4. Straighten the hair so that the curl is set in a neat semicircle.
  5. Remaining strands shall be left loose.
Find more interesting options there. The Babette hairstyle looks good with bangs. It is great combined with a white shirt and business office dresses. Here you will find more information.

Greek knot 

Similar hairstyles were beloved by the beauties of ancient Greece. Inspired by the femininity of their looks, stylists have created the hairstyle called Greek knot. This hairdo looks particularly charming for the owners of curly hair. It is done in the following way:
  1. Divide the hair into two parts: upper and lower. The upper part should be fixed by a clip, the rest of the hair should be curled for several times.
  2. Remove the clip and divide the hair into two strands.
  3. Wrap one strand with the right one in a clockwise direction. Then fix it by a hairpin and wrap the hair on the top in a clockwise direction by left strand, don’t forget to fix it.
  4. Release a few thin strands.
  5. This hairstyle can be decorated by a headband.
By the link, you can find several alluring variations of a Greek hairstyle.

Elegant weaving

Hairstyles with braids are very popular. Every girl looks graceful and charming with such a hairdo. To set your hair in such a way, a lot of time and effort will not be needed. It can be done in a few minutes:
  1. Combed hair should be parted straightly.
  2. Starting from the temples, make two braids.
  3. Put the tips of the hair in a knot or bundle and fix them by invisible hairpins.
  4. Let out some strands over the forehead or near cheeks.
Classy hairstyles will make your image harmonious. And most importantly, they are made very quickly and simply, so you don’t have to stand for several hours in front of the mirror to create a beautiful hairstyle.