The Long Hair Shag: 10 best Examples

A shag is a layered, voluminous, and cheeky haircut, that was a trend in the 70s. Nowadays, such hairstyles are no less popular. They combine retro and modernity. At the expense of negligent hair, waves and torn textured tips on the head make creative chaos that looks harmoniously. We will check the 10 best examples of this haircut with the long strands. 

1. Curls with Bangs

If you have got curly hair, this hairdo suits you the best. The haircut has a nice form, and every curl stands out distinctly. 

2. Asymmetrical Long Shag 

Not every girl agrees on such haircut. Because many associate this hairstyle with imbalance. However, this style makes an image look balanced and unique. 

3. Hair Tapering

This is an ideal variant for bright and creative girls. Light tempering provides a negligent look. With such an effect, thin strands look more voluminous, while the image becomes stylish. 

4. Layered Haircut with a Central Parting

The central parting and curls are main peculiarities of such haircut, especially for the owners of thin strands and long face. This layered haircut with central parting makes hair more voluminous and textured. 

5. Straightened Hair with Diagonal Bangs

Even straight strands can be voluminous if we are talking about shag. To create such hairstyles, it is enough to dry the hair with a hairdryer, simultaneously making volume at the roots, after, to arrange bangs on the side. Such style looks stunning. 

6. Shag with Waved Tips

The shag is beautiful with curly and straight hair. But if you are tired of the usual hairdo and want something new, try such a variant. Waved tips give texture and look distinctively. 

7. Wavy Hair

Shag creates not only bold but also seductive images if light waves are curled. Such haircut perfectly fits for a date. Smooth lines and volume will make the young man’s heart beat faster. 

8. Waves and Bangs 

The hairstyle will be liked by ladies who prefer contrasts in their style. Thick straight bangs in tandem with charming wave strands look fabulous. Such texture creates an unusual and at the same time stylish image. 

9. Haircut with the Effect of Unwashed Hair 

Do not be surprised, but exactly such variant of shag is a fashion trend. Thanks to layering, bangs and the effect of dirty hair, it looks voluminous. By the way, many celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, sisters Olsen, and others, do not hesitate to go out when their hair has not been washed since yesterday. 

10. Shag with Cold Shades

Shag is suitable for both dark and fair hair. But there is an exception to the rule. You can dye your hair in purple color. And grey and light glares will give of this color variation cold notes.

Any of these hairstyles look excellently and unusual. Try and experiment with them.