Long Hairstyle Ideas From Celebrities

Long beautiful hair is great wealth given by nature. After all, they allow creating any hairstyle. But there are so many ideas that owners of long strands don’t know how to arrange their hair to look attractively. To achieve a stylish image, there is no need to go far – just have a glance at the celebrities. They often show their unusual hairdos on the red carpet or in the glossy fashion magazines. So, why not take them for an example? 


Curls have become a highlight of Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker. Such hairstyles give enchantment to their image. If you have the same curly and thick hair by nature, you can reproduce their haircuts without any difficulties. All you need is meticulous care. If you have got straight hair, you can create curls by dint of thin curling iron.

Bangs with Wavy Strands

Bangs that fall on the eyebrows and frames the face – this is the hairstyle of Dakota Johnson who played Anastasia Steele in the popular trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. If you want to look classy, pay attention to this hairstyle. It is done very easily: make parting in the middle, and strands should be slightly curled by a curling iron.

Retro Style

The retro hairdo has been returned to fashion by Kate Winslet. If you want to look like the star of the worldwide acknowledged Titanic, this hairdo is for you. It is very easy to arrange:

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. Twist hair by curling iron.
  3. Rear curls should be wrapped inside and fixed by invisible hairpins.

Tail with Loose Hair 

If you are tired of the usual tail, try the hairstyle which is chosen by Jennifer Lopez. Such hairdo is arranged in the following way: take part of the hair on the nape and collect it in the ponytail, then strands should be curled and the hair shall be thrown back. 

Braid from the Tail 

This variant brings a fresh touch to the usual tail. Ss no one else, the angel of Victoria’s Secret, Jasmine Tux, knows about this as no one else. To set your hair in this way, make a high tail. Then, divide hair into three identical strands, and make a braid out of them. 

Boho Style 

Such an idea of American singer Ariana Grande will be liked by the lovers of boho style. This hairdo looks very unusual, however, classy at the same time. It is not difficult to make it: divide your loose hair into two parts, comb it, and make a parting in the middle. Take side strands and fix them behind the ears by studs. 

If you want to look like a celebrity, try these hairstyles, and you will catch the admiring glances of the people around.