Bridal Styles for Long Hair

A snow-white dress, delightful makeup, classic shoes, and a bouquet of flowers – without all these attributes is difficult to imagine a wedding. There is one more detail that makes an image of the bride complete and harmonious, i.e., bridal hairstyle. With the long hair in tandem with a veil, flowers or other details, a bride-to-be will look classy. Learn more about styles making the bridal image dazzling on your matrimonial day. 


Such an option is always relevant because it looks exquisite and chic. Besides, the bundle is very practical. You may walk and dance through the whole day, without the fear that this hairstyle will fall apart. It keeps very firmly on the head. 

One more feature of this hairdo is that it has a lot of interesting variations:

  • The high bundle is a perfect decision for brave ladies who like looking brightly and stylishly. You can underline this hairstyle by a diadem, big flower or veil, attached to the hair under the bundle. 
  • The medium bundle fits romantic girls. Such hairdo ca be decorated with French braids, weaves, and various stylish accessories. There is one more tip that makes the bridal image more gentle: let out two thin strands and curl them by waving tongs.
  • If you like classic styles, try a low bundle. You can decorate such a hairstyle by natural or artificial flowers, beaded hairpins or lace. Bangs are perfectly suitable for this image. 

Hairstyles Based on Weaving

A combination of headband with voluminous braids is a perfect option for every girl. The hairstyle with such accessories remains neat for a long time and nicely matches the bridal dress style. 

You can braid the full length of hair or make one braid of a single strand. It may be fishtail, openwork pigtail or french variant. Of from such braids very beautifully come out a heart, flower or another volume figure. 

Bridal Hairstyles in Greek Style

This hairstyle resembles the image of the Greek goddess. Such hairdo is romantic and tender underlying the beauty of a bride. It is achieved thanks to soft curls that fall on the shoulders or are gathered on one side, as well as to romantic headbands. 

Bridal hairdo in Greek style suits every girl. But such a hairstyle cannot be matched with every dress. So, before you decide to choose this option, think if it will suit your dress. Such hairstyle usually matches with an outfit in the Greek style. 

Several Important Recommendations:

  • If you are the owner of a small face, choose a hairstyle with large curls.
  • Girls with heavy facial features should forget about voluminous hairdos because they only make focus on their flaws. For such a face, smoothly arranged hairstyles decorated with flowers and beautiful hairpins will fit.
  • The owners of the small forehead should consider a hairdo with bangs.
  • Brown and red-haired girls will look chic with white orchids, while the blondes – with peach roses. 

Select the right bridal hairdo and you will feel like a princess, and your matrimonial day will be remembered for a lifetime.